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The Baptist Association is collecting 5 gallon buckets filled with the list of items below to help out the victims of the tornado damage. You may collect the items yourself or if you prefer you can donate money and someone will purchase the needed items. If you make a donation, please note in the memo of your check that it's for the Disaster Relief Buckets.

Tuesday, April 28th & Thursday, April 30th, the church office will be open from 9-12 noon to receive the Disaster Relief Buckets, contributions and offerings.

Someone will be happy to meet you at the door to receive these items from you.

We will need volunteers to help deliver the buckets to the victims. 

If you have any questions, contact Sheri Raley at


Filled Buckets contain:

5 gallon bucket

bucket lid

Mold Spray

All purpose cleaner with bleach

Mr. Clean cleaner

Dawn dishwashing soap

2 Sharpie markers

utility knife

4 terry cloth towels

disposable gloves

leather work gloves

protective eye glasses

respiratory mask

all purpose sponge

scrub brush

trash bags

spray bottle

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