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COVID and League Information

  • Everyone entering the building will have their temperature taken with a noncontact thermometer.

  • Face masks will be required for all who enter the building, and for the time they are in the building unless health conditions prohibit them from doing so.

  • Coaches and players will not be required to wear masks during practice, warm-up before games, or during games.

  • Social distancing will be required of those sitting in the stands and in the gym as a whole.

  • Players will wear a silicone armband during games that can be easily sanitized before passing it on to the next player who will wear it. The armband is used to match up opposing players on offense and defense.  

  • Attendance will be limited to two people per player per game. Parents may get their two tickets from their child’s coach at practice each week. Parents can use the tickets for themselves or give them to someone else.

  • Adults with a ticket entering the Gym will pay a gate fee of $2.00 per adult. Anyone under the age of 18 entering the gym with a ticket are free. Coaches, players, and other league volunteers will not be charged a gate fee. The gate fee helps the UPWARD League cover the expenses of maintaining and upgrading necessary equipment.  

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