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Faith Partners

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9:30am Groups

Nick Workman

The Faith Partners Life Group is led by Nick Workman on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in Room 16 of the Adult Education Building. Our focus is reaching those in their their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. 

This is a multi-age adult Life Group that concentrates on learning Biblical truths for living in a modern world.  We typically enjoy a discussion-based curriculum that helps foster community, faith, and family.


Crusaders for Christ

Scott & Angela Farley

The Crusaders for Christ Life Group is led by Scott Farley on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in Room 9 of the Adult Education Building  Members are adults 40’s and older.  We use the “Advanced Bible Studies for Life” curriculum. Our class strives to build personal relationships as we study God’s Word together.  Scott teaches in a way that we can understand the Bible while we find ways to apply it to our lives and the world we live in today.  We love living our life for God’s glory.

Scott and Angela have been married since 1993.  They both have multiple roles serving our church at HFBC.  They have one grown son and they are enjoying life being empty nesters!



Betty Weeks 

The Hannah Life Group led by Betty Weeks is for ladies 50+ who lovingly participate in each lesson.  We meet at at 9:30 on Sunday morning in Room 4 of the Adult Education Building.  Questions and discussion are encouraged and engaged in freely.  This group of ladies love and care for the needs of each other both in and out of class.  We meet once a month just for food, fun and fellowship.  We welcome guests and new members. 


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Shining Stars

Randy & Becky Starnes

Terry & Kay Adams

The Shining Stars Life Group, led by Randy Starnes and Terry  Adams, meets in Room 10 of the Adult Education Building at 9:30 every Sunday morning. It is for mixed couples and singles who are 50 and older. Our class is loving and caring, desiring to establish Christian relationships that last a lifetime. We focus on studying God’s Word without neglecting the need for having dedicated time to share our praises and prayer concerns. We focus on outreach within and outside our church.  We also like to gather socially for food and fellowship at least quarterly in our homes - we never neglect the food!
Randy and Terry utilize different Bible Study curriculums and encourages class interaction. Our current study is taken from the Lifeway “Advanced Bible Studies for Life.” Come give us a try!



Aquila & Priscilla

Ron Barnett_edited.jpg

Ron & Karen Barnette

The Aquila & Priscilla Life Group is led by Ron & Karen Barnett and meets in Room 2 of the Adult Education Building on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and is for couples 50 years and older. Ron and Karen Barnett transferred from Lexington, AL to Hixson First Baptist Church in 1987 and have been active members since then.  Their life group loves ministering to one another and to others.  They are currently using the “Explore the Bible" curriculum as they study God's Word together. 



Diane & Ron Barnes

The Searchers  Life Group for 70’s & up is led by Diane Barnes. We meet at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays in Room 8 of the Adult Education Building. We use the “Explore The Bible” Series as we study the Bible one book at a time. The continuity of a book study helps to understand the need to grow in our faith. As our lives change (body, soul and spirit), we learn our Heavenly Father is all-sufficient to care for His children. He is forever nurturing us toward a more mature faith. In group time, there is lecture, testimonies, questions and comments. We would enjoy having you join us in this challenging quest toward growth.



Lynda Gooden

The Agape Life Group is led by Lynda Gooden and meets on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. We meet in Room 6 of the Adult Education building. This is a class for women of all walks of life who are in their 70’s and. As we study the Bible book by book we use the “Explore the Bible” curriculum. We are a group of caring, praying women that keep in touch with each other.


Good Samaritans

John Alvis_edited.jpg

John Alvis

The Good Samaritan Life Group is led by John Alvis at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday. The group is for men 60 years and older and meets in Room 24 of the Adult education Building. We choose a Bible book and study it verse by verse.  The class leader leads in discussion and members contribute significantly.  Being mission minded, the class supports a house at Bethel Bible Village (monthly donation and weekly grass cutting for the entire campus).  We also support the Loggans family missionary work in Honduras and Olivia Holden with CRU.  One of our members and his wife, the Mulvihills, are missionaries to Belize and we help them financially as well.


Agua Viva

Lucy & Miguel Perez

The Agua Viva (Living Water) Life Group meets on Sunday morning at 9:30 in the Christian Life Center and is open to all ages, singles, and couples. Because most of our members are new in the faith we are currently using a discipleship curriculum provided by the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board. Agua Viva Life Group is part of our Hispanic church plant Hixson Iglesia Primera Bautista. Miguel Perez is our church plant pastor. If you or someone you know are looking for a Spanish speaking Bible study and worship service we invite you to come worship and fellowship with us. 



6:00pm Group

Don & Patti Harris

Ron & Barbara Nelson

The Barnabas Life Group, led by Don & Patti Harris; Ron & Barbara Nelson, meets in Room 16 of the Adult Education Building on Sunday evenings at 6 o'clock. Members include Seasoned adults, singles and couples. Current Curriculum: Scripture study with group discussion.

We are a friendly bunch who enjoys doing life together. We are very informal, and our small group lessons are discussion-based inductive study of the Scriptures. Meeting on Sunday evening allows participants with service roles on Sunday mornings to have an opportunity for Life Group time. We start with brown bag dinner, catch up on life and share our praises and prayer concerns before diving into God’s Word. We emphasize a balanced and thoughtful approach to the study of Scriptures, connecting the profound truths of timeless wisdom to the grace necessary to meet the practical demands of daily life. Our goal is to help guide believers of varying ages to move their faith from theory to action. We participate in service projects for the church and community, plus regular         informal group outings.

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